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Welcome to myTutorial Page.

I have been so lucky to have been born in a time when technology has taken large leaps forward inshort periods of time. Inasmuch, I’ve made it my primary objective to learn as much as possible, in order to increase my capabilities not only architecturally, but, as an artist, as well.

The world of digital art has exploded into so many advanced forms that it’s truly difficult to keep track, but one thing is for sure; if you want to do something, there are always more than one way to do it.

This portion of my site is dedicated to sharing some of the information I have gathered over the years of the recent boom in digital art and graphics. Most of the tutorials here are done for Ulead PhotoImpact, my image editing program of choice, but, they can be duplicated with PhostoShop or Paint Shop Pro, as well; the theory is always the same, but, the actual task might be a little easier or harder, depending onthe program you choose.

I have also delved quite deeply into the world of 3D modeling, rendering and, photorealistic image creation, as both an appendage to my architectural practice, as an art form.

My primary choice for 3D rendering is Strata 3D Pro, but I also model with Imsi’s TurboCad Pro, Wings 3D, and Cinema 4D.

At the end of the list of 3D tutorials to the right is a page with links to tutorials I have done that are published on other sites for special techniques for rendering.

I hope this portion of my site can help those who are looking for information, as sharing knowledge is of primary importance to me; its the only way we, as a people united on one planet, can move forward and make progress efficiently while continuing to be innovative, creative, and productive.