July13, 2008

More thoughts...

Just started a new band. I’ve been playing the guitar since I was 13. Figure its about time I followed through on my long lost dream to be in a real band. I put an ad in Craig’s List for like minded players and found some really terrific people. Stay tuned!

February 14, 2006

Valentine’s Day

Memories that keep me warm: Progresso soup and a salad; a shady tree in a park, and a diner with no name.


January 8, 2006

A beauitiful day

“When the sun shines, I could swear it’s because she’s smiling again”

I used to say that about an old girlfriend. She was amazing and brought so much joy to my life, for the brief time we had together.

All this time has passed and I still think of her whenever the sun shines, and thank her for it.


May 14, 2005


Next week, on May 18th, I will turn 48.

I like birthdays. I don’t mind getting older at all. In fact, I loo forward to it! To me, a celebration of how long I’ve existed is a constant and humbling reminder of just how lucky I have been. I’ve done so many interesting things, I’ve loved deeply, right to the very core of my soul; I became a daddy, and even took a primary caregiving role in her upgringing (Mr. Mom); I’ve been fortunate enough to help my friends when they were in dire straights, and, then to see them recouperate. I create art, enjoy keeping myself fit, and love what I do for a living.

Now, tell me, how is looking back on all of that a bad thing?


May 11, 2005

Pain of Loss

Of all the things in life that we try to avoid, the pain of a loss is likely the most disabling experience one can ever have.

Whether its the loss of a friend, a sibling, or a spouse/girf/boylriend, it never ceases to amaze me as to how deep that pain can be, and how it makes, no, strike that, FORCES even the most confident of us to look at ourselves with self doubt and debilitated self image. 

Some losses are meant to be, and, some aren’t. This uncertainty adds to the overall extremity of the experience, as well. More guilt, wonder, worrying, etc..

About the only thing that I can say for certain is this: without joy and pleasure, pain could never really find a place to settle. So, the good news is, experiencing pain is solid evidence that we have had to experience pleasure and joy at some time, as well.

And that’s never a bad thing.



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