The Flash movie on the left was made by first creating a 3D scene in Strata 3D Professional, and then animating the camera around the scene over a period of 3 seconds, at 15 frames/second.

The animation was then rendered by Strata using raytracing, in about 15 minutes, for all 45 frames. Important to note: this scene was twice the physical size, but, to preserve image quality while keeping final download size down to a minimum, it was renedered at 50% of that size.

The animation was rendered to Microsoft Video for Windows format (.avi), with no compression. Why? Because, I planned on using Ulead’s GIF Animator to optimize it, and then bring it into Flash for final movie format and putting cotnrols in it, as you can see on the left.

Final Flash movie size is a little bit over 800k, compared to the original uncompressed avi file at 1.4 meg. Each gif image was set to be exported as a PNG/Lossless image from Flash.

With Flash MX out, it is possible to embed the avi in the Flash file, which would allow me to choose a compression codec, and thereby reduce the size of the movie considerably more, but, that is the subject of another tutorial.

Current list of LCGuy Mini-Tutorials for
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