Etched Metal Effect:

The last one on this page is nothing more than a monochrome (Effects:Special>Monochrome) effect applied to the first copper image (with all objects merged into one final image) in my previous post with the two copper images.

Now, how I made THAT one is a bit more complex, but, is directly related to my original reply to you:

1. Make the base image the brushed chrome as per my brief tutorial

2. Next image above that is a 3d Path Trim object (square or rectangular), using the copper preset from Materials EP; size it to fill your whole image, edge to edge.

Important settings: select this 3D trim path object, and right click it, then select "properties" and change its Merge Method" to "lighting".

3. Next object on top of the 3d trim object is your embossed gray scaled image. Important settings for it as an object (right click on it, select "properties"):

Transparency: Mid 70%
Merge Method: Difference

Once you are done, merge all, apply two clicks of contrast + to the image
via the quick tune buttons, then apply Effect:Special>Monochrome (do NOT
use the gray 2 color preset from the EP... it is MUCH different, and not

Depending on your image, you may want to experiment a bit, but, that is how
I did the above

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