Howard Prince, Architect

Project: Cross County Federal Savings Bank, Middle Village, N.Y.

Scope of work: complete gut (only foundation and outer walls left) renovation of existing 15,000 sf facility, redesign to accomodate full bank administration offices along with, closing offices, executive offices, file storage for 5 branch operation, new 5 teller branch, main entry lobby with 3 stop elevator, 24 hr. ATM, night deposit location, exterior lighting and signage, and on-site parking. Design included complete interior furnishings, cabinetry (custom-designed and stock), office furniture


  • 1997- Queens County Chamber of Commerce Award for Excellence in Design
  • 1997- Queens County Contractors and Builders Association Award for Excellence in Design


This is the building as it existed prior to the redesign and construction in 1996. As you can see, it has a mansard roof, a large concrete platform along its front, and lots of inconsistant windows and door sizes and types. The exterior walls were in pretty bad shape and the interior floors were not only uneven, but sloped in various direction on all three levels. We even took out the cellar rat slab and put a new reinforced concrete slab in place at a lower elevation to provie 8’ ceiling height inthe cellar.










Prior to any construction, the design concept had to be arrived at; this elevation design sketch is one of the preliminary design drawings presented to the bank administrators and Board of Directors, which they immediately approved to be the basis of proceeding into Construction Documents.


Once construction started, you can see all of the scaffolding necessary to protect pedestians from the potential hazards of the existing building being worked on, so that the extensive work to its’ superstructure could take place.







After all of the old structure is removed, and the new structure is in place, the new building starts to take form, both inside and out. It’s a very radical change that takes place, here, and once the new outline of the exterior elevations start to appear, everyone got to see what was coming.









During construction, once the outer shell is completed, the inner workings of the project start to become reality, as well. Here you can see how I handled the design of the heating system for the building.. Hot Water coil units were installed at every window, which have customized enclosures that provide ease of maintenance, high functionality, and, of course, aesthetic appeal in coordination with the rest of the interior finishes.





After construction is done, the building is now a reality, and everyone can see what I have had in my mind all along. The new, clean and modern look is just what this area needed, and was well received by local residents, as well as local politicians.






Another shot of the building, from the opposite direction. This was the picture that was used in the award ceremonies. The lights you see on top of the outer walls are controlled by solar cells.






This is a picture taken of the Board Room Conference table.. a custom designed 16’ long table made of Jade Corian and black lacquered wood edging. The ceiling of the boardroom (not shown here) has customized lighting in an alcove that is centered above this table. The door from the Chairman of the Board’s office is seen in the far left rear, as well as a custom bar on the wall to the left. The chairs are all leather, of course.





This is an installation shot of the Bank President’s custom display unit. It’s made of prime cherry, along with a highly customized painted finish to match his desk (not shown). There are glass shelves with recessed lighting concealed above, and mirrored back wall. You can see a piece of the custom window enclosure to the very left, and the carpet with an inlayed carpet boarder at the bottom of the picture, as well. A definite piece of eye candy for his office.


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