A message from the creator of the Structulator to the Qualified Building Design Professional:

For years, as a licensed architect, I have repetitiously performed the time consuming task of designing structural components for my buildings, particularly BEAMS/JOISTS/GIRDERS for projects that I felt were simple enough for me to be proficient enough in the task of designing them (my more complex buildings always utilize the services of a structural engineer, whose expertise is priceless in designing not just each structural component, but the structural system as a whole!).

Whether it was a wood deck, a single family home with wood floor joists and a central steel girder, a quick modification of a beam size in the field due to last minute loading changes by the client, steel dunnage for a rooftop A/C unit, or a steel roof girder to accept the load of a bay of open web steel joists, the task was the same: design the building, draw a loading diagram for the structure, then, for each beam, use a pencil and calculator over and over again to:

  1. -Calculate the maximum bending moment
  2. -Calculate the end rections for shear evaluation
  3. -Determine the maximum allowed deflection for the beam
  4. -Compute the required minimum section modulus
  5. -Compute the required minimum moment of inertia

Once I had these results, I picked the beam from property charts (either wood or steel) based on the dimensional constraints of each beam situation, and checked it for shear.

This process was repeated over and over again, for each beam, and proved to be quite time consuming with a calculator, pad and pencil. In-as-much, I sought computer programs that were designed specifically to make this process more efficient. Needless to say, I was severely dissappointed, as ALL programs out there were expensive, difficult to use, with overly complicated user interfaces, and invariably, sought to pick the beam for me, which was horrible, because I needed to be able to control the actual beam I selected for the task to conform to my specific design requirements.There had to be a better way, and I vowed that I would find it,or design it myself.

Well, as you can guess by now, I didnt find it... and that is when I put my nose to the grindstone and designed the Structulator.

The Structulator has recently been tested for accuracy by two independant Structural Engineers, and is now available to you, the “legally qualified building design professional”, for immediate use on your projects as you see fit, at prices that I am sure you will find very affordable.

I am proud to invite you to explore the whole Structulator site. In particular, please make sure you view the screen shots, and then try out first hand the free online demo with unlimited use here on the web site. I am sure you will find it as helpful as I did (and still do, by the way) by reducing time normally spent doing basic repetative structural calculations for beams, yielding more time for the many other building design tasks that await your professional attention.


Howard Prince
Registered Architect
Author, Designer, and Creator of the Structulator


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