Since I was just a teenager, I always had a knack to think in the “3rd dimension”. With interests in the arts, sciences and mathematics, it was only natural that I would eventually become an architect.

Licensed and Registered to practice in New York State since 1988, I have come to learn that being an architect is much more than just my chosen profession. My clients put their complete trust in me to accomplish the many things that are necessary to fulfill their project needs, whether they are commercial, residential, institutional, or, just research/consulting/advice.

I take my profession, and, accordingly, my relationship with every client, VERY seriously; I practice architecture the “old fashioned” way - that is, I do everything myself. No mid or low level draftsman or CAD operators, no secretary, just me, an internet connection, my computer, and lots of reference books to help me out with the details, and, of course, my clients.

I have always felt that a highly personalized service is much more beneficial for any given project, no matter how small or large or simple or complex that project may be. Having the principal architect (with over 35 years of experience and education) intimately know and control each and every detail truly does make for a better project in the long run.

To help me stay competitive with my peers, I have also made it a high priority to be on the very leading edge of emerging technologies; the use of CAD, 3D modeling and photorealistic renderings, communications via the internet and email/IM, have allowed me to execute projects of a much larger scale than one would normally think a sole practitioner could: technology, when used right, is a powerful thing!

If you are in the NYC/Long Island area, and are considering a project that will need architectural services, please feel free to contact me. I’m always willing to share some of my professional knowledge and help people along, because an educated potential client makes for much better actual projects!

Howard Prince, Architect

Howard Prince, Architect
2968 Ewell Place, Wantagh NY 11793  Tel: 516 785 5559  Fax: 516 785 0569